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Spying Washing Machines – What about my TV?

Well well well… everyone knows I am an interesting person most of the time but a person of interest for trying to save my farm during natural disasters? Perhaps the standard has loosen to qualify to be a person of interest or perhaps interesting person. Hmmm !

Now if CIA Director David Petraeus thinks our washing machines can spy, I have an interesting  story to tell you about the smartest TV and Verizon Android phone in the world.

Seems our TV of 2008 at 1 year and out of warrant decides to cut on and off especially during the best part of programs of course. We called and complained but you know what that is like.

Being on a tight budget we put up with its idiosyncrasies… which kept getting worse and worse through most of 2011. It even started just coming on with no sound and no video… just on. I assumed with use of the speaker.

Being a bit paranoid from all the phone issues I have posted earlier and not wanting to think of myself as really being crazy even if I am you have to admit what happens next is some coincidence. It seems my TV and computer can communicate with each other. I was typing something to the effect that the SS and KGB of old would really be proud of the technology our boys are using today… walked by the TV and it switches on slick as a button. Hmmm. Have to watch what you type these days. It is just a timely funny coincidence. hmmm

And I know it was just a coincidence but the very next day while traveling on I40 I was relating this story to a friend and booop.. my Verizon cell violently disconnects ….wow have to watch what you say as well these days even in private conversation…. well semi private like the old days of the party line.

Photo of TV ON but no sound or picture

Photo of TV ON but no sound or picture.

I am thinking there has to be a way to fix this TV. because it is annoying. So one day I use my powerful Android smart phone and take a photo of that little TV in our master bedroom when the power light is on and say a few little words clearly and not so softly into the speaker… something to the effect I have caught you …you special little entities with perverted values and a few other words that are best not to repeat here in case there are children reading.

Would you believe my amazing little Android phone camera and my kind words of wisdom fixed that TV. For real this photo was taken 10-01-2011 and you know what this TV has not come on with just the power light again. Six months later it is still fixed.

A local TV repairman with 30 years or more experience tells me that is a rare occurrence. Of course I am one of these interesting people that seem to attract rare occurrences.

And as most of you know when you brag on any product, it likely hears you and then does the opposite so I know that since I am posting this online my little Android and words will have to be eaten because of how my electronic devices like to communicate to the world. Seems that many times what I say on my phones come back to me in the weirdest way.  Even calls to my attorney over a farm lease.

Now if you are one of those clueless individuals that do not think your electronic devices can hear and/or spy , even the new CIA director tells us how even your washing machine can hear you in the future just like my TV and smart phones presently can today….   I like General Petraeus – he tells it like it is.

You might want to read the article.

Oh and did you see the new specs for the NSA center..Impressive…

NSA has become familiar enough I have started including with some of my emails bcc for those that do not know.

Now for those that have been laughing and making comments of the tin hat and you are not that important and what have you done so awful … perhaps the mirror should be pointed the other way or that you too could become interesting and therefore we are not being discriminated against by our government. To my knowledge I’ve only tried to survive consecutive disasters… why are the USDA/USDOJ stealing my farm? Are any of  these connected…

I kind of proud that the poisoning of my well a historic crime against humanity, sabotaging my crops, stealing my equipment hard earned over a lifetime, environmental dumping on my farm, fraudulent USDA crop reports and blatant misstatements  to the court about us were not enough to take me completely out instantly…. Surely USDA and USDOJ must be the ones that had to resort to sic the electronic dogs too and even those dogs had to sabotage my computers and attorney-client as well as other communications.

That’s kind of impressive if it were not so perverted and sick. Throw in a few veiled threats to me of my family on FB and frighten old women that live alone with the spooked restricted harassing phone calls with their numbers for good measure. It must be in the national interest which is rather surprising because I am really nobody and a nice guy or least try to be.

I have wondered what the US Attorney meant when she kept referring to  “extreme prejudice” in 2010 court documents about me? I know it was just another timely coincidence to have that dark windowed Grand Cherokee parked in front of our house 2 weeks later. Hmmm! First thing you will know they will call in the marines… Those Ospreys that started flying over the farm back in 2009 …oh geez! Don’t tell me Project 2025 –

No No – even I can not be that interesting, I am just a long term farmer trying to survive, surely the feds will just stick to age discrimination and to sending Rocky… I hope. I feel so secure …. really I do…promise! I love the Patriot Act ….guys….. not electronic quartering.  I know that old JD 915 grain head was worth only $50 and that JD 7240 corn planter just $175 that cost me $28,000 new …..and we appreciate you coming on Christmas Eve… it’s nice and having some one offer to purchase  our 100 year old farm on our wedding anniversary date by an employee of an intelligence information company raising the market value and then break the lease because we really didn’t need it for our plan as testified in federal court back in December 2010.   Wonderful!  We Thank you so much.!

Stepford Ronald N Day

PS The TV issue – a stretch for sure even though true as well as the rest of my satire.  Coincidences…that old Murphy is a busy fellow.

bcc – NSA – by default


Update 3-18-2012    –  the TV in our bedroom has come on again with just the power with no sound or picture less than 48 hours of the above post.  The TV went for almost 6 months without coming on without the sound and picture.   Just another of our amazing coincidences.  Who needs TV when we can be this entertaining.


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